BLAMING GOD for no reason

I had an unfortunate problem last week, I started getting sharp pains in my chest and I went to go see a doctor. He told me I had a hypertension and if not treated properly I could have a stroke. I freaked out the first night I found out I couldn’t even sleep because I was listening to my heart beat erratically. It seemed to me that this is God’s fault why is God letting all this badness befall me when I serve him.


But then common sense kicked in I realized that God has given me a free will, a will to do what I want when I want. I then came to the realization that I was in this predicament because of my own choices. You see we always find a way to blame God for our own shortcomings, decisions and ultimately our own fate. I then asked my Lord & Savior to forgive me and heal me.


Here and now one week later I’m recovering taking giant leaps toward my full health. So in closing I just want to thank God for my healing. We shouldn’t point fingers at God for things we bring upon ourselves. 

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