Getting a free website: pros vs cons

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Getting a free website: pros vs cons

You may always see these free website builders out there and ask yourself is it worth it? We’ll let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of getting a free website and see if it’s worth it.


1.Very fast to setup

You can basically spend three hours on a Saturday afternoon and choose your layout, colour theme and get some nice professional looking photos easily with most web builders.


2.Its free

Most basic web builders provide a free option and this option is really free no hosting fees and no domain fees so if you just want a basic web page that’s ready to go you’re in good hands.



Sometimes it can be hard to explain to anyone just what you want your website to look like so most free web builders let you see the website while it comes together which is very cool.


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1.Slow loading time

According to some articles on the internet 55% of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website before moving on, which means if your website takes 20 seconds to load they won’t see your beautiful website at All!!. Free website builders are notorious for having slow loading times.


2.Customer Service

Surprisingly most clients of popular free website builders have a common complaint of no customer service, these are because most of their customer services are automated so you’re basically trying to explain a human problem to a computer.


3.You domain looks unprofessional

In business you always want a but what if you get a it means potential clients can’t find you because your straightforward business name now has the name of the free website builder attached to it. An easy way around this is naturally to purchase a domain, but then we are starting to pay for a free service.


4.Irritating adverts

This is a huge one! If you have a website the main purpose of that website is to get potential clients for your products/services what is the point in putting all that effort/time into creating your perfect website, if the free website company then fills it with other ads so that your visitors can be distracted from your product/service and leave your site which is pointless!! This is the problem with free, clients don’t like to be bombarded with advertising especially advertising that has nothing to do with what they're interested in. Of course you can pay to remove the ads but then is it free?


5.Blog comments

Some free site builders only limit you to 10 post comments on your blog articles before… yip you guessed it you have to pay to display your other comments.


The choice ultimately lies with you whether you choose the free options out there but remember most people open their websites to increase business or web presence. You should really consider choosing an option that doesn’t hinder the growth of your organization.


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