How to sell products online

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How to sell products online

The internet is growing, social media is growing but is your business taking advantage of that growth.


Here are some simple ways to sell your products online.


1.Open a Facebook page

If you open a facebook page you’ll see a link on bottom left of the page which allows you to open a free facebook shop how cool is that. Now you can sell to all your connected friends, family and enemies lol on social media. Try and get as many likes as possible on your Facebook page as this helps you to reach more people with your posts.


2.Take out a Facebook ad

If you already have a website with your products why not direct social media traffic to that website. It’s simple take out a Facebook Ad. We have already written a step by step guide on how to launch your first Facebook ad. Just click here


You gotta love it is the easiest way to launch an online store that I’ve ever seen, in fact as of the time of writing this we are currently using shopify to run our online store. It costs a small monthly fee but my word you get bang for your buck, you can launch a store within a day and you can make a lot of money. We do offer a shopify design e-commerce setup 1 year package you can click here. Or you could simply do it yourself which is cheaper but beware conversion is a beast of a problem to tackle by yourself.


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