To The Unemployed Believer

The Unemployed Believer

We have all been there before, trying to get a JOB, trying to find your place in the world.

The first few weeks of unemployment is all the same, at first there’s a great period of rest and relaxation, like a mini holiday you get to sleep in late, catch up on all the movies you never got to watch because you were so tired. You even start hanging out with good old friends again. Then the first couple of days or weeks go by and you start sending out your CV, you start asking friends if there is any vacancies at the companies where they work. You’re optimistic something will eventually turn up, God will give me that job.


Now the weeks have turned into months, you’ve all but given up. You are not even sending out your CV anymore. You try to sleep as long as possible in the mornings so you don’t have to wake up and face another hopeless day. Sometimes you even feel like God doesn’t hear you, even when you pray, like all the other believers are getting what they are praying for but not you. There is a verse in the Bible that I use a lot to encourage me, it’s in James 1:12 it reads [God will bless you if you don’t give up when your faith is being tested. He will reward you with a glorious life, just as He rewards everyone who loves Him].

 So don’t give up, keep your mind on Jesus, keep your focus on God and His word, just because you’re going through a dark period in your life right now does not mean God is not there. Remember the teacher must always keep quiet during the test. What you sow, you shall reap. Get up every day and don’t stop looking. Don’t stop believing, the job will come. And it will be the job of your dreams. We Christians believe you have to wait on the Lord but He always rewards us with the best of everything.

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