Why is paying your tithes important

Why is paying your tithes important

As people who are consistently under financial pressure it is sometimes hard to justify logically why you should pay your tithes. I mean we keep on putting it off month after month. And it seems as though it’s unimportant because it doesn’t affect us much. Tithes is an integral part of our worship to God we don’t give tithes just to receive back a blessing from God. This concept is so difficult to grasp to the world but remember as believers there certain things that we do different from the world.


You must remember that your income is a blessing from God, in fact your life is a blessing from God. How do we honor this great God that has blessed us with this abundance? We can only honor Him by giving Him the best of our fruits of labor.


A lot of people say they don’t want to give to the church because they feel like the pastor will misuse the funds that they can use the funds better than the church, you see tithing isn’t about you, the pastor and the church, tithing is about honoring the relationship you have with God once the money leaves your hands you have done your share in the kingdom it is now the job of the stewards to take care of the rest.


Remember to give with an open heart. An open heart is not one that is heart sore when the money leaves his pocket to honor God the one with the open heart values the relationship with God far more than he values the money.

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