I started Neptune Design because frankly I was tired of looking at crappy websites and even crappier logos. I really love surfing the web, then I would just come across a website that would make me pull my face like I was just sucking a lemon, not good, not good at all.


I honestly don’t know why any business would spend all that love and care on their ideas, their products and packaging, only to leave their website to look like a collection of bumper stickers and not give it a second thought.


Your brand is what differentiates you from your competitors. Your brand is what makes consumers buy and it’s what makes consumers buy again and again. It needs love and it needs to look completely different from any other business on the planet. So I established Neptune Design in the heart of South Africa with one mission and one mission only.


To make logos and websites that look so good they’ll make you want to LICK THE SCREEN.


We source top designers from around the world and let their skills do the talking. We focus on certain price points because why should you pay hourly when you don’t know if the artist really has put in the hours or not. I honestly believe there is no greater tool in the hands of the start-up business (or the established business for that matter) than its brand, it is the 10% of love & creativity that makes 90% of the difference in the clients mind.

Devon Thomas


Neptune Design